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What is this site about?

Psychopaths (a.k.a., sociopaths). How they set-out to destroy their victims (and succeed), including the rolls played by their disciples and followers.

Does this focus on an entire country?

No. The site’s name is an extrapolation based on four generations of a family of liars. But yes, this site does address the bigger picture (starting a few paragraphs down).

Does the author have credentials?

Clinically speaking, no. I have no formal training in psychology or medicine; though I’ve been studying multiple conditions and disorders since 1995. All my credentials are the worst kind imaginable: first-hand experience as a life-long victim. My name is Larry.

Do you have substantial experience?

Unfortunately, yes. I have over 50 years experience of being the victim of multiple psychopaths — my abusive late-father, my extremely abusive oldest sister (Kathy), my middle sister, and my younger brother.

My ex-wife of 12 years (Julie) is also a sociopath, and has been professionally diagnosed as revengefully dangerous, psychotic, bipolar, and borderline schizophrenic.

And lastly, the most painful fact is that two of my three adult-children have inherited the ‘bad’ gene. They know that I am outspoken on this topic, and they’re aware of this site — a site I believe they completely ignore, as they do me.

Is every sociopath a danger to society?

I sure hope not — but it depends on the definition of danger. Many sociopaths are admired by the public. For example, someone in great power: George W. Bush. He took advantage of his presidential power and lied to the world.

Bush’s lies are documented in many books, including those who had once been his most loyal supporters. His own press secretary resigned when he discovered that the information he was told to pass on to Americans — from Bush and others — were known fabricated lies. He realized he was just a pawn to be used.

“No one is above the law.”  That’s a lie. At least one person is above the law.


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9 Responses to “HOME”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this.

    I just came across the site and can relate so much. I, myself, am on the run from a sociopath I was involved with who has truly ruined my life. She was not alone in her doings, many diciples as well as what a I thought was a close family member…

    I have not read all of your site as of yet but I certainly can relate… Are there any answers to getting life back ??????????? its been over 3 yrs and the trama is still strong in my life and has paralized me??

  2. Larry Says:


    I don’t expect to get my life back, though that doesn’t mean everyone should expect the same thing. I feel so alone in my situation, as I’ve not heard anyone else experiencing such bad luck — all three of my siblings and my three adult-children are living with the influence of the bad gene.

    I’ve been labeled as “insane” due to the shear number, with the individual (not qualified to diagnose) stating his reason was because no one has so many — and since he’s never heard of such a high number, he concluded: “insanity.” Smart guy — there’s some shining logic.

    Considering it’s hereditary, there must be other families as mine. I know that short of a miracle, I will not get my life back.

    Good luck, and thank you for writing.

  3. Dawn Says:

    Thank you so much for your site.

    My sister is a sociopath. She has caused so much pain. My father is very ill, family cannot understand why I do not come home.

    She is dangerously manipulative and I was feeling such guilt for not seeing my father at least one last time, but if I go she only needs a few moments to cause utter devastation.

    Again, thank you. You explain it so well.

    Best regards,

  4. Larry Says:


    Sorry for the delay … my free time seems scare lately.

    We can’t win. I lost my dad in 06. My sister, Kathy, kidnapped my mom when he died and told me I would never speak to her again. She would have had her way if mom had not been in and out of hospitals. I was able to track her down a few times when she had been admitted. Mom died less than a year later.

    Kathy then seemed surprised when I stated I wouldn’t be flying cross country for mom’s service (both my folks were cremated, so no ‘funerals’). I can only imagine how she used that against me.

    I’m glad I can help, Dawn.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Hmm, Interesting observations.

    I heard recently that sociopaths are made, not always born, and that it takes some traumatic injury to the brain, (I’m thinking frontal lobe) to be born a sociopath. What I HAVE observed in some cases, is that no accountablilty might be part of the problem. My poor sister was raised by a co-dependent, I understand that to be someone very needy causing another to need them, whatever the correct terms are. This would require spoiling them for lack of a better word. So they end up, what i call a living vegetable. They are raised to be catered to their every whim.

    Think about how much children require, if they know the person lets them do anything, have anything and that adult allows NO ONE to correct them and there is hardly ever any accountability, the child knows and eventually become very obnoxious. Then when they grow older, if the parents or husband/wife dont’ allow them their way, they become irrate. In the mean time they have learned to manipulate this person and others if crossed. They also may become drug addicts and I’ve read that many sociopaths have substance abuse.

    It would make sense, they can’t control their anger or emotions, don’t understnad why others don’t do as they wish so do this to feel better???? To control the thougths?? Not sure.. It’s sad really. Others just become angry becuase they felt mentally abused as a kid so they learn to compensate for their feelings by not letting anyone “get away with treating them this way or that”, manipulating every one at every turn. I think we can all have traits of sociopaths but it’s when it’s out of control that is the real issue.

    And lastly, I have a saying “not all sociopaths are killers, but all killers are sociopaths”, well those cold blooded killers anyway. SO this leads me to say that, NO, not all sociopaths are dangerous to society, however, they can be dangerous to your heart, your job, your friendships. DO NOT try to outdo a sociopath, a true sociopath will win, besides I’m about good company, not necessarily winning. I feel like I’m winning anyway to get rid of those psychos in my life. haha.

    Just sharing my thoughts and observations

  6. Kathy Says:

    Hi all. Well, another posting on the subject.

    I have been watching details of the Natalee Holloway case and the human skull and possible rib that was found on the shores of Aruba, apparently washed up or uncovered after some torrential rains which caused even the sidewalks to cave in. My own musings and your question or ponderings above in regards to “upbringing” is what brings my comment to the box. Let’s look at Joran Van Derslot, the one accused of murdering Natalee holloway and most recently, the most definite murderer of Stephany Flores in South America, Brazil or something and is in prison as we speak.

    His life in Aruba under his father’s tutelage, the judge or judge wanna-be and his mother who never thought he did wrong was a son raised with unlimited credit card use, in Carlos’n Charlie’s Bar on Aruba, had unlimited drink tab, paid for by his parents/father. This is the beginning. What are we doing to our children when we expect nothing of them? What do they think they are to do or how to behave other than what they have been subjected to. For lack of a better comparison, but one we surely will all understand; what happens if we answer our puppies yelps with a treat or a hug, what happens when we open the door as they scratch and beg to enter or exit?

    They have ultimately been trained to behave this way. That behavior was acceptable as we answered their cries with reward for their unacceptable behavior. If we never scold a pup or train them to go outside, potty training will never happen. How do we think people learn? They learn what is acceptable and never know any different from right and wrong, if they dont’ get their way, they go into a rage. Some kill. Some say we have an uncanny subconcious for understanding of right and wrong, born in us, but I’m not quite sure I agree. That we know and feel it.

    I DO, however, believe that we can raise a sociopath that goes to Church and to behave a certain way in certain situations. They only learn what they are taught and what they see and live in their childhood home. Go to church, be there when the doors open, yet when you leave, there may be an abusive parent behind the scenes, but for the public, there are right and wrong behaviors, right and wrong answers, only trained how to make yourself acceptable to those you despise but whom judge you. Or that you feel judged by. SO as in my earlier post, my sister was raised much the same way, no accountabiity, spoiled for lack of a better word, utimately died a very young and confused and unhappy individual, of substance abuse, whom raged quite dangerously when she didnt’ get her way or her fix.

    Certainly in the end, the drugs had taken over her mind, basically. Myself and other sister were not raised the same, we had accountabilty, funny, me the most, my other sister has strong narcissistic/very very selfish traits. I am not one of the them. My parents are quite interesting as well. Funny how a mild sociopath can raise a child to be a productive citizen. WHY? Because there are rules. You do not go against the socipathic parent. So there is accountability. It’s their way, not the childs way. My own posting is scaring ME. LOL. Those are my observations. I”m not an expert and make no scientific claims in my postings.

    MY question. Does upbringing have any significance in the birth of a psycho/socio-path?

  7. Kathy Says:

    Just to clarify and I shall hush. I have read and do believe there are varying degrees of sociopathy.

    Those who have traits who are considered normal, who probably aren’t sociopaths; those who lie and manipulate in mild form compared to those backstabbing ones with same traits, and on to the killers who snap or who are numb, probably born this way and upbringing making them worse. Just in case my postings weren’t clear to anyone.

    But I do believe strongly that the lies and manipulation are quite the red flag, psychopath or not, it’s a red flag anyway, I dont’ want to be invovled with them, dangerous or not, you can never believe the what they are saying (my parents) , but these people can be so nice to your face, their excuses for forgetting something important, QUITE LAME, others just as Kathy the sister and a friend of mine did, always sabotaging me behind my back, until one day I was check mated and I wasn’t even playing the game.

    I do think sociopaths can be created and some are born and since all people are different as you stated, some are easier to unknowningly create. Just my observations. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Larry Says:

    @Kathy: Happy New Year.

    Getting right to your points, I realize there is some very conflicting information about what ingredients make a psychopath or sociopath, but from a study of four family generations, the creation of a sociopath/psychopath is genetic, it is transferred from one generation to the next, and it’s dominant — at least in my family tree.

    Upbringing can produce all kinds of jerks, but that does not make for a sociopath or psychopath. These are not learned behaviors. These behaviors are the result of a personality disorder, one that strips the individual of all typical human emotions.

    I believe only a small percentage are violent, a slightly larger percentage are maliciously deviant, but the majority use their “skills” to advance in their line of business: politics, medicine, law, corporate, entertainment, etc.

    To me, politics seems to harbor the blatant sociopaths with all their followers (one of the two Parties), disciples (their close advisors), and their on-going character assassinations of their opponents.

    You questioned how you could have come out the way you did surrounded by family with APD and NPD. You likely have the “bad” gene as I do, but it’s dormant. I thought it skipped me until my first daughter took on the traits in her late teens, followed by my son and youngest daughter. All three are now adults. I’m the complete opposite of my siblings and my kids.

  9. Ms. Kingkong Says:

    I wish I read this website a few months ago. I was sexually harassed and slandered by a sociopath. Everyone thinks that I’m crazy and the bad guy, when they are the person who is actually crazy. In the end he managed to say that I sexually harassed him. I just don’t understand these people.

Your insights are appreciated ...